Based on the book by Julia Cameron


What is the Artist's Way?

This class is designed to help you reject the Gremlins of self-doubt on your shoulder and pursue creative activity not as a profession but as a form of self care. 

At the core of the process is a ritual called “morning pages,” based on the belief that writing out three pages of writing, in longhand each morning, will unclog your mental & emotional channels and of all the muck that gets in the way of being happy, productive, and creative. The other weekly assignment is to take yourself out on a date once a week. Woo yourself, treat yourself like the special person you are. 

Combined, these things, along with the exercises from each chapter will help you blossom into the creative soul you've always been.

Who should take the Artist's Way Class?

"What if I don't see myself as an artist, can I still take the class?"  The answer is a definitive Yes!

The Artist's Way class is open to all students, whether you see yourself as an artist or not. 


We use the word "artist" in the broadest sense. Whether you're an artist, a teacher, a lawyer, a mom or a blogger - you are being creative every day. Your style is a creative choice, your weekend plans are a creative process, your daydreams are creative. 

Let's articulate that voice together.


My Class

The Artist's Way has helped more than a million people access their creativity and realize their dreams. "Making art of any kind is an alchemical process.  Making art, we turn the dross of our life into gold. 

Making art, we re-create ourselves."

- Julia Cameron

The book was written originally to help people with artistic goals who felt stuck, achieve creative recovery.  I will be sharing the techniques and exercises from The Artist's Way book, by Julia Cameron, to assist you in gaining your self-confidence and harnessing your creative talents and skills. In this class you will be supported, encouraged and held accountable for finding your particular voice.

The ideas in creative personal development outlined in the book, have been a phenomenon for 30 plus years.

"Any art form connects us to the muse" - Julia C

We'll meet weekly for a 12-week course in which you will work through obstacles and gain personal inspiration and fulfillment. This class is focused on supporting relationships, removing artistic blocks, finding your voice, fostering confidence and having fun!

A Little More...

Come Join Us

Do you feel stuck?  Do you procrastinate?   Are you stalled because 'it's' not perfect?  Do you put everyone else before yourself?   Do you resent it?  Who supports you?   Do you know what you want?  Or how to get it? Reclaim your spontaneity and joy.  I have seen people's lives TRANSFORMED by their participation in this class. Don't you think it's time to invest in yourself? Are you a caterpillar who wants to be a butterfly?Many of us wish we were more creative but don't know how to effectively tap into our creativity. Our dreams elude us; lives feel flat; we have great ideas but are unable to actualize them for ourselves. Want to find your 'voice'?This class offers collective creativity, encouragement and accountability.  Take a risk!  Get access to your richness. The charged atmosphere that fills a great work of art also fills this class.  Our lives become our work of art, our creative beings raise, celebrate, and actualize the creative power that runs through us all. The energy and alchemy of this class is contagious and palpable.Creativity and discovery are teachable, trackable processes. Each of us is complex, highly individual, yet there are common recognizable aspects to the creative recovery process. That is what this class is all about. Come join us!

Where, When, Etc...

Class will take place fromSaturday, Feb 3, 2018 to Saturday April, 28, 2018from 11am to 1pm at3047 N Lincoln Ave, 4th floorChicago, IL 60657

About Me

I am a Personal Life Coach and psychotherapist in private practice in Chicago. I specialize in working with adult individuals who need help healing and thriving, couples and groups, as well as teaching Artist Way classes. I am a trained Life Coach helping people "swing out," and reach their goals. I am also a Real Estate Agent, Glitter artist, mosaic tile table maker, writer, knitter, collage artist, playlist maker and all around creative soul.

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